Our team of trained educators believe passionately in the valuable work they do. Trained to high standards in Early Childhood Education they offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to create a caring and happy learning environment.

Director/Nominated Supervisor/Educational Leader

Shae Bleakley, mother of two children has been at the Preschool since 2011. Shae respects childhood as a time to explore, create and be joyful with adventurous, active outdoor play. Shae enjoys being part of a child’s journey to learn new skills and uses the richness of children’s experiences and knowledge to develop the learning program. Shae is committed to creating respectful and caring relationships with children, families and the community.


Meg Robertson is a mother of two, holds a Bachelor of Teaching (0-5 years) and had been in the Early Childhood industry for 10 years. Meg is passionate about creating environments that facilitate children’s abilities to learn and grow together. She believes that children’s voices should be valued and respected; this is evident through her practice of recognising teachable moments and using these to extend and facilitate children’s learning through play. Meg also believes children learn best through play and enjoys being a co-constructor on their learning journey.


Ruth, a parent of three lively children, has a diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. Ruth believes that communication, connection and building secure relationships are fundamental to achieving successful learning outcomes for children. Using a range of creative approaches, Ruth forms safe and supportive environments where children can explore their ideas and imagination, engage in their creativity and practice, and develop their skills whilst creating new knowledge and learning about their world.


Bek has been part of the Richmond Hill Preschool Community since 2012. Having been a parent of a child at the preschool and a valued member of the parent committee, Bek was inspired to gain her Certificate III in Early Education and Care and join the Educator team. Bek takes pride in utilising the every day routines and turning them into memorable moments so as to build and strengthen connections with the children. Bek provides a safe and nurturing environment for the children to learn and grow by confidently supporting the children’s curiosity and encouraging them to explore their environment.