We welcome and encourage family participation and involvement. Children learn when educators and families work together to support children’s development. As well as sharing valuable knowledge about their children with educators, parents and extended family can be involved at our centre in several ways; • by becoming a member of the Management Committee • sharing … More Involvement


Through play, children feel empowered as learners and develop a sense of mastery over their world. This enhances their self-esteem. Since play is intrinsically motivated, concentration is sustained and children are actively engaged in developing essential understandings and dispositions for lifelong learning. The role of the early childhood educator is to collaboratively plan and implement … More Program


All children are unique individuals and bring with them a wealth of knowledge, ideas and perspectives. Children’s voices are valued as all children are seen as strong and capable. This individualised knowledge along with the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Framework and the 8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning Framework inform teaching practices and … More Philosophy