All children are unique individuals and bring with them a wealth of knowledge, ideas and perspectives. Children’s voices are valued as all children are seen as strong and capable. This individualised knowledge along with the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Framework and the 8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning Framework inform teaching practices and form the basis of our play-based Preschool program.

We value open and honest communication based on the principles of mutual trust, respect, equity and fairness. Children’s connection to family, culture, community and place is recognised and influences our decision making.

We create secure relationships where children develop confidence and feel respected and valued. We help children to learn about their responsibilities to others, to appreciate their connectedness and interdependence as learners, and to value collaboration and teamwork.

We believe culture is the fundamental building block of identity. We explore the practices and beliefs of our families by weaving their knowledge into the program to become culturally competent.

A culture of reflective practice and inquiry is embedded within our community as we gather information and gain insights that support and inform future practice. As children revisit experiences they are supported to engage in reflective thinking to build connections between existing and new learning.

We provide children with strategies to make informed choices about their actions, which develops their emerging autonomy, interdependence, resilience and sense of agency.

We respect the natural environment and the interdependence between people, plants, animals and the land by weaving nature into all aspects of our program. We pay our respect to the Traditional Custodians and past, present and emerging Elders of this nation, by creating life-long respectful and proactive attitudes towards our environment. This allows us to continue to learn from the land and play in harmony with nature.